Cashflow Finance

We aim to bring a fresh approach to both Factoring and Confidential Invoice Discounting. We know that each business has different financial needs and, for every unique situation, we aim to deliver the best possible solutions.

Cashflow finance by business factoring Factoring typically improves business cashflow by releasing money against unpaid invoices. Up to 90% of their value is released within 24 hours of the Invoice being raised. The remaining balance is made available when customers settle their outstanding invoices.

This service is suited especially to growing businesses and new starts.

Flexible credit management is built into the agreement with statements and reminder notices issued to reduce administrative burden on the business. Assistance with telephone credit control can be provided if required.

Credit vetting is available to assist in decisions about extending credit to an existing customer or taking on a brand new customer - helping prevent bad debts before they occur.

  • Enables working capital to grow in line with sales
  • Provides financial headroom giving greater financial flexibility
  • Frees businesses from the hassle of sending statements and reminder notices
  • Up-to-date account information ensures control is retained for informed decision making
  • Credit checks available to minimise trading risk and give peace of mind
  • Reduces risks and administrative burdens normally associated with exporting

Confidential Invoice Discounting
Invoice Discounting provides an injection of cash into a business by releasing money against unpaid sales invoices. Up to 85% is made available within 24 hours of an invoice being raised. The remaining balance is made available when customers settle their outstanding invoices.

This facility is provided confidentially, so customers remain unaware of the financing arrangements. The business should have good financial controls and a strong financial background.

Transaction funding such as mergers, acquisitions, MBOs and MBIs may well need additional headroom over and above invoice discounting funding. This can also be provided through an asset backed finance facility by releasing funds against other assets, such as stock, plant and machinery, land and buildings.

Invoice Discounting solutions are tailored for specific needs for business with sales in excess of £250,000.